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Lady and the Tramp Links

Leaving already? I guess you had finally gotten too tired with my obsession of Lady and the Tramp! Well, if that's you, then go back to my main webpage - because all of these posted links are sites that envolve Lady and the Tramp! When I first had the idea for this website (June 98'), I did it because I thought there weren't any other Lady and the Tramp websites. (And I love the movie!) But now I've begun to find some on search engines. I thought people would like to see some links. Enjoy!

8/3/99 Today I fixed the links, and took off all of the "dead" links. But if I missed any, please email me and let me know. Thank you.

Lady and the Tramp ~ this webpage has a lot of cute graphics on Lady and the Tramp. They also have a lot of links that are on this page. I hope they add mine, soon.

Disneymania: Lady and the Tramp ~ here's the website for Lady and the Tramp from Disneymania! It's a great one; so go and check it out!

Lady and the Tramp Tribute ~ this is Mar's little tribute to Lady and the Tramp. I hope it gets bigger soon.

The Lady and the Tramp ~ a page that is nicly done about the story of Lady and the Tramp.

Lady and the Tramp ~ a very small webpage about Lady and the Tramp. The owner is still working on the games and coloring pages section. But it's still great.

Everything Lady & The Tramp ~ my great friend owns this wonderfull Disney website! Along with the Disney things, she has many pages of Lady and the Tramp clipart, coloring pages and more! This website is defenetlly worth visiting!

Lady And The Tramp ~ This website is really, really cool. I love how Summer re-designed her website! I'm also crazy about the pictures!

Lady and the Tramp; pictures and multimedia! ~ this website is connected to another website all about the classic Disney films. This place is wonderfull! It may not appear big, but it has great multimedia, pictures and a lot of other neat things.

Walt Disney's Lady and the Tramp ~ here is a supurb Lady and the Tramp website! The pictures are great and it has a wonderfull theme of putting gold frames around every picture! This website belongs to Classic Disney.

Lady and The Tramp ~ this website about Lady and the Tramp is general information. It has two links: the Voices of the movie and Information on the movie. It is small, but nice.

Dizny Magic's Lady and the Tramp website ~ this website kicks tail! (Not literally). But it's pretty cool! It takes a while to load, but has many, many graphics and pictures that are wonderfull.

Lady and the Tramp: Lyrics ~ Talk about a cool website. It gives you the songs and lyrics to Lady and the Tramp songs.

Lady and the Tramp Quiz ~ I visit this website everyday to challange my knowlage. Not algebra. Not history. Lady and the Tramp. The quiz is pretty difficult, but I aced it before. Well, time to quiz myself again...