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The Story of Lady and the Tramp

Did you forget what happens in the story of Lady and the Tramp? Is there a certian part of it you want to hear? Or are you like me, who loves to read it over and over again for the fun? Well, if it's A, B, C or all of the above, here's the story of Lady and the Tramp!

One snowy Christmas, Darling received a very special gift from her husband, Jim Dear. It was a beautiful puppy which she called Lady. Lady was very happy with Jim Dear and Darling. She spent her days playing in the park and would race home with Jim Dear everyday. One day, Jim Dear came home with very special surprise for Lady, it was her very own collar and license. Lady proudly went to show the neighboring dogs, Jock and Trusty. She continued the summer with her owners, until soon, she noticed a change in Jim Dear and Darling. There were no more playing in the park or races, but Darling just sat at home and knitted.

Lady was puzzled, until she found out the answer a few weeks later. It was a beautiful baby boy. Lady tiptoed upstairs to take a look at the baby. She was overjoyed. She rushed out to tell Jock and Trusty and as she talked, a strange dog walked up to Lady. He introduced himself as Tramp and the other dogs didn't like him from the minute they saw him. There was just something strange about him.

When Jim Dear and Darling left for a weekend, Aunt Sarah, along with her two mischeivious Siamese cats, came to watch the baby. The cats were trouble from the start. One headed from the canary cage and the other to the goldfish! Lady chased after them to prevent them from causing damage, but when Aunt Sarah heard all the noise, she came rushing down. The Siamese cats pretended to be hurt, and Aunt Sarah took Lady to get a muzzle. The pet shopkeeper put a muzzle on Lady so tightly that she could hardly get her mouth open!

Lady quickly wiggled out of Aunt Sarah's hand a bolted out of the store. She raced down the street and into alleys until she found herself lost in the city, being chased by some stray dogs. Just then, a dog came to her resuce... it was Tramp! He fought the dogs and sent them away. Tramp then led Lady to the the City Zoo and had a beaver remove her muzzle. Lady was free.

The two headed off to Tony's Restaurant for a nice spaghetti dinner accompanied by some accordian music and a love song. Tramp had such a carefree life, Lady thought, it was so different from her own. After dinner, the two took a nice walk and headed home. Tramp spotted some hens sleeping in a yard and decided to make a mess by scaring all the hens. The owner rushed outside and Tramp escaped in time, but Lady was not so fortunate.

She was taken to the city pound where she stayed until Aunt Sarah arrived to take her home. Aunt Sarah then chained Lady to the doghouse, where Lady stayed during the night. Tramp came to visit her and Lady was furious! While they were talking, Lady spotted an ugly rat climbing into the baby's room. "Tramp, hurry!" Lady called out. She told Tramp of the rat and he raced up to the baby's room to kill the rat. All the noise woke Aunt Sarah and she ran to the baby's room to find Tramp standing there. She had thought Tramp was there to harm the baby, so she called the pound to have him taken away. Jock and Trusty watched as Tramp was hauled off to the pound.

Just then, Jim Dear and Darling returned home. Lady broke free from her chain and ran to tell her owners what happened. They soon realized that Tramp had saved the baby's life. Jock and Trusty then raced to save Tramp. They freed him from the pound truck and took him home. Jim Dear and Darling were so grateful to Tramp that they bought him a collar and license and he, with Lady lived with them happily, celebrating the next Christmas with four of their very own puppies.